The Four Temperaments
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The Four Temperaments are a relatively simple but powerful way of classifying personalities.

They aren't meant to describe every detail of a person, such as their favourite flavour of ice cream or their mother's maiden name; rather, they just describe the general 'attitude' that people give off.
Like whether they're shy and gentle, or firm and domineering. Whether they're bubbly and emotional, or stoic and tempered.

The temperaments concept should not be considered Proper Science that will be 100% accurate in every way. It should just be seen as a useful guideline for understanding fairly wide personality types.

To find out more about them, you should go through the pages listed to the left!

Please, please read the 'What is temperament?' page first! It really is necessary to understand that before the temperaments concept will make any sense at all.

And please do not dismiss the concept incredulously... If you have doubts about its usefulness, please read the Misconceptions page, as many of your doubts may be addressed there.

It really is important to read the 'What is temperament?' page before any of the others will make sense.